Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a nice little write up on me in the Boise Weekly

Tara Morgan mentioned me in a small write up for the Boise Weekly about my show coming up at Flying M.

But come January, things will change drastically. Julia Green, local Boise State illustration student and concert poster artist, will premiere her new show "Wild Wilderness." Green already has a few sketches for the show up on her blog at, and the vibe seems to be Precious Moments meets the death of Bambi's mom. Her cartoonish illustrations of prancing acorns, regal owls and gasping trees speak to the majesty of the forest, all the while acknowledging the wild and unpredictable temperament of the natural environment. To check out either of these shows, head to Flying M Coffeehouse at 500 W. Idaho St.

Did some blind contour drawings of my boyfriend and his friend and the one in black ink was a contour drawing of me by artist and musicians, Zach Jones. The clouds will be for sale at Wild Wilderness

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wild Wilderness

I have a show coming up at Flying M in downtown Boise. I just finished making the postcards and whoa, do I feel a load off my back, but also an extra boost to get this work finished!

I used a sketchbook page for the main image, so this exact drawing won't be in the show, but characters like it will be.

haha. well, I guess you can also study for art history while you take a gander at my drawings.