Thursday, July 30, 2009

AU Poster

Currently Working on:
Album design for The Awful Truth
Album cover for Indiecater's compilation album
setting up music and sound for Cupcake Collective and advertising it
....there has to be more... I'll remember during crunch time

Recently Finished:

T-shirt design for A Seasonal Disguise
Poster for AU and The Very Most show @ the flying m coffeegarage

Friday, July 17, 2009

french fold sketchbook- a start to what I have

Still been thinking about what I want to do for an art show. I still really want to focus on the mysteries and wilderness of the pacific northwest. So, I have been doing some sketches for that. I got 2 large canvasses w/frames at the thrift store that I plan on gessoing over for my own work. SCORE. They cost me $22 total.

this JPG is going to look super weird on this blog. PLEASE click on it to zoom in and get a better look. The actual file is 49 inches long, but I shrunk it down to fit monitor size.

there is a handsome man I draw at the end of my sketchbook. I am pretty proud of myself.

bigger version

here is from a different sketchbook.

mountains with faces. bears with 15 eyes. bees with long stingers and baby wings.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let me tell you about artist, Johnny Crap

Howdy! I was over at the forums checking out the new artwork forum members were posting and pretty much had my mind blown by a painting by Johnny Crap. Johnny has really really f*cking good painting skills (and drawing) that make me so jealous. He has it mastered and it works so well for his paintings.

Normally, I don't like skulls. But this little character is so well rendered and adorable/badass that I can't help but love his little candy face.

This was the painting I saw. Holy. Shit. I want it!!! You can check out more of his work at his blog.

oil on wood panel. 40" X 48"

some more of his work:

Monday, July 6, 2009

shirt design

ASD is going to have a bear shirt so that they are big sellers. Here is what I have been playing with. Haven't gotten it approved yet and I haven't decided on colors.

**updated design**

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Musical Saw

I decided while watching the Portland band, Musee Mechanique play a few weeks ago, I wanted to play the musical saw. I don't know anyone that plays it in Boise AND I don't have to memorize chords and hand positions, etc. I use my ear to determine what will sound amazing with what is being played and what is coming from the saw.

it doesn't cost all that much either....

a song by Musee Mechanique that features the saw

A big update of stuff.

Been busy trying to get photoshop onto my computer. I eventually broke down and just put on photoshop cs. I forgot how dated it looked.

I've been pretty busy with another project for the Gorgeous Hussies. 2 down, 2 more to go. I've also been working on album art for Indicater Records, a tour poster, a band bio/package being sent out to record stores and labels and whatnots, and a shirt design!

this is the tour poster wip.