Friday, July 17, 2009

french fold sketchbook- a start to what I have

Still been thinking about what I want to do for an art show. I still really want to focus on the mysteries and wilderness of the pacific northwest. So, I have been doing some sketches for that. I got 2 large canvasses w/frames at the thrift store that I plan on gessoing over for my own work. SCORE. They cost me $22 total.

this JPG is going to look super weird on this blog. PLEASE click on it to zoom in and get a better look. The actual file is 49 inches long, but I shrunk it down to fit monitor size.

there is a handsome man I draw at the end of my sketchbook. I am pretty proud of myself.

bigger version

here is from a different sketchbook.

mountains with faces. bears with 15 eyes. bees with long stingers and baby wings.

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