Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bear Train (finished)

I can never decide if my art is actually finished. Here is where I am at on Bear Train

Sunday, January 23, 2011

bear train (sketch)

I had enough time at work today to sketch out my idea for Bear Train. Now I just need to decide how large I want to make it, and if I want it strictly graphite, or to do a digital version as well.

I think I am going to get this printer for my graduation gift from my parents. I was going to have them buy my software for me. But this printer is something I would like now so that I can make prints of my work and sell them.

sooooo excited for it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

finished work

finished the poster and a new illo for the weekly. Pretty different styles.

another day

My brain is so numb at work, I get really excited about craft projects at work, like making a new tip jar.

I am pretty disappointed with the scrapbook paper stack I bought that has an adhesive back. The adhesive barely works and was falling off the paper within minutes of sticking it. It may be the curve in the cup as well, but it is still a disappointment.

Chad and I went to the old Idaho State Penitentiary for his birthday. Those inmates pooped in style.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

cupcakes ya'll

commission for a gentleman.

I also got my book today! Rock Candy by Femke Hiemstra. She is by far one of my favorite artists/illustrators of all time. I really love that we have a lot in common with collecting antiques and plastic animals and toys. It shows in both her work and mine. While she is obviously an amazing painter and amazing at graphite, she is also very talented at pop surrealism. I like that she is doing her own thing with it instead of treading on Mark Ryden's heals like most do.

I also have a huge book on Henry Darger coming in the mail from my twin brother as a graduation gift. Yes!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

progress and some stuff

Here is a screen shot of the poster for Mostly Muff so far. It is missing info and needs some colors adjusted.

I have been pretty unproductive lately, but still sketching a decent amount. I have been playing with fruit characters. I really love Awerange and Banamored.

I also am scheming about what items I want to sell at my etsy shop. Which, hands down, I have the best name for my shop EVRRRR.

Down Bearded Youth. Yep, as in downy beard. As in young and soft beard, as in the meaning of my name, Julia.

-tote bags with matching buttons
-button packs
-art prints
-pocket mirrors


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Miss Kitty

I am cat sitting for my faux-sister, Leigh Ann, and I have had too much fun with her cat. Don't let the name Miss Kitty fool you, this kitty is a beefcake boy cat.

I also discovered that someone feeds the cat ice cream because when Chad and I were finishing off some ice cream we had bought, Miss Kitty came and was sticking his face in the carton!

Miss Kitty is oh so snuggly and also loves to meow at you early in the morning until you pick him up and snuggle him.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mostly Muff

ya know, as in vagina. Working on a poster for my pals that are in the cover band, Mostly Muff, a band that plays once a year and this is the second year playing. Last year they played for Valentines Day and did 80s rock covers. This year it is 70s classic and glam rock.

My friend, Erin Cunningham, did a great poster last year of women with afros on their heads and afros in their panties. I am following the same vein and doing a crotch shot.

here are some sketches from first basic ideas to more detailed. They are pretty rough but that is how I like 'em. I may even just leave it at that or do one more version and then scan it into the computer and redraw it using my tablet.

I may add an arm into the equation. Still deciding on solid shapes or with an outline. Or hrmph.