Wednesday, January 5, 2011

progress and some stuff

Here is a screen shot of the poster for Mostly Muff so far. It is missing info and needs some colors adjusted.

I have been pretty unproductive lately, but still sketching a decent amount. I have been playing with fruit characters. I really love Awerange and Banamored.

I also am scheming about what items I want to sell at my etsy shop. Which, hands down, I have the best name for my shop EVRRRR.

Down Bearded Youth. Yep, as in downy beard. As in young and soft beard, as in the meaning of my name, Julia.

-tote bags with matching buttons
-button packs
-art prints
-pocket mirrors



  1. Love the poster (are you going to silk screen it?)
    It kindly reminds me of Seripop (an artist duo I also admire).

  2. No one ever has a budget to screen print, though it would be rad. But I didn't make it for screen print so it has too many colors. Haaha.

    I also don't have a set up myself for printing, but I have a friend who does.