Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mostly Muff

ya know, as in vagina. Working on a poster for my pals that are in the cover band, Mostly Muff, a band that plays once a year and this is the second year playing. Last year they played for Valentines Day and did 80s rock covers. This year it is 70s classic and glam rock.

My friend, Erin Cunningham, did a great poster last year of women with afros on their heads and afros in their panties. I am following the same vein and doing a crotch shot.

here are some sketches from first basic ideas to more detailed. They are pretty rough but that is how I like 'em. I may even just leave it at that or do one more version and then scan it into the computer and redraw it using my tablet.

I may add an arm into the equation. Still deciding on solid shapes or with an outline. Or hrmph.

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  1. This is definitely growing on me!
    ha-ha thanks for sharing!