Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My favorite painting in the whole wide world

This is my most favorite painting in the whole wide world. I can't even begin to describe how much longing I have when I look at this picture. It nearly brings me to tears of joy and frustration. Lautrec captured a moment that is truly wonderful and the most perfect example of real happiness and love. To share a bed with someone you cherish and then wake up in the morning and to gaze upon their face in the most innocent of times is truly romantic. The warmth of the bed and the security felt underneath the covers are the same feelings you get with that person you love. Together you are innocent. Together you are warm and safe. There is not a care in the world that can bother you while you are in the safety of your bed on a sunday morning.

The way that Lautrec rendered the faces and the plumpness of the bed just makes me wish I was there and would never come out.

another photo I found very interesting and very sad. Very elogant and eerie. I wonder what she never told her lover.

Henry Peach Robinson (1830-1901)"She never Told her Love"1857Albumen print from a wet collodion glass negativeH. 18 ; W. 24,1 cmParis, musée d'Orsay

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