Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kelly Lynae tour poster WIP

been struggling with this poster. I dunno why I didn't take her first suggestion, which was to illustrate her song involving a cuckoo clock. I kept wanting to do a design for "a forrest on a face". But this seems much more iconic.

a super quick sketch.

and here is where it is at (with some Cropping)

glad i got a good start on it tonight. I can see the light..

step 3. finishing line drawing and adding 1 more color to give it a highlight and more texture.

step 4. almost done. almost almost almost. I am finding out what other text is needed for the poster. I also might add some white highlights.

also, this would maybe make for a cool shirt or art print. trying to decide if this version or the version with the band names is going in the portfolio for scholarship.

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  1. Julia here's the link to work I said resembles this clock. The clocks are made out of foam rubber.