Thursday, August 20, 2009

Take a moment to breath

Sorry about that last post, folks. I didn't mean to sound so stressed or bitchy. I am still stressed but I have some AWESOME friends. My friend James Lloyd agreed to take one of my poster jobs and then my friend Brent said he could find someone else to work on his album artwork and that I could do his another time. You two are saints. Lil angels that don't live near me at all which makes me so sad. So so so sad.

I still have a lot to do. I got another poster added to my stack. That leaves 4 to make, luckily one isn't due for a while because the show is in the beginning on October. The others, though, are due very soon. As well as a custom linocut for packaging of local music being sent out to a ton of independent record stores across the US. I also have a my shirt design to do. The first idea was rejected and now the theme is something completely different, that quite honestly I am struggling with. So I am not forcing myself to do it tonight.

I need to finish my bedroom move. I got my dresser in and now I need to throw so so so much away. YUCK.

some sketches, bitches.

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