Sunday, May 16, 2010

Such a huge update

Oh man! The semester is finally over. I took my very last literature class EVER (I think?) and I think wrote my last paper for school ever. YES! I have one semester left and I am done for now. One semester left before I can travel more, apply for more artist in residence programs, have art show, play more music, move out of my parents' house and move away and try new areas. Sigh. I am so happy about this.

I have been sketching a lot of people but I was too distracted to sketch much of anything else this semester. I am pretty excited for more exploration of what I used to draw. The strong-man sketches are for a new freelance job and I am really having a fun time with those. Should be great to see how they turn out.

I am pretty excited for my grades this semester. I am really hoping for all A's. I also got an art scholarship for next year, it is just too bad I will only get to use half of it.

After a few drinks at a DLO event, local artist, Grant Olsen and I began to sketch together a bit.

Here are collages I made for my digital tools class. I am going to try and be modest here... but I thought my collages were the best. I get really sick of seeing art students turn every art project into some commentary-on-some-social-issue-that-every-art-student-has-made-art-about-ever. BLAHG. No, I don't give a crap about your dramatic and unconvincing collage about how America is self serving. We already know this, move on.
These are about space and instead of viewing the universe as outerly expansive, to think of it the other way--space, time, and the universe in confined spaces. Infinity is not just larger than life, but also smaller than life as well.

And then this is where I left my Grizzly Bear illustration. I would really like to see more music magazines rely on illustrations of bands instead of photos. Maybe that is too expensive for them though.

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