Friday, November 26, 2010

YEAH! Got my portfolio book!

Here is a sneaky-peaky at my portfolio book that I set up and then got printed at I am 90% satisfied with my book. A few images printed really weird and I am really not sure why. Kinda jagged and then the halftones in one poster didn't show up at all and made weird geometric shapes instead.

and then, here is a character of mine on the window of Flying M Coffee in Boise. My friend, Rick Walter, and I are painting the windows for the holidays. Should be a fun one that maybe some will frown at. Hahaha!
Rick was nice enough to come and finish my character for me because I was working all day today. Tomorrow we are going to finish it up!
PS. Rick and I are also having a split show together at the VaC in June and July.

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