Sunday, March 22, 2009

more stuff

I finished my lamp two days ago. It turned out pretty dang cool. I will put some photos up later today. I also finished Ashley's flyer for her art show at Moshi Moshi in Portland for the month of April

Also finished this

Projects coming up- album artwork for my illustration class, which just so turns out to be perfect timing because I just got commissioned to do The Very Most's Summer EP. I guess Indiecater Records saw my previous work for The Very Most and wanted me to do more. woot.

Poster for a benefit show coming up in may- details coming soon. Poster for a house show in April- that is coming soon. My dad commissioned me to do a poster for an event called Mustache Ride-- the event isn't happening till next year, but he needs an image for it to pitch it and get funding for it.

that's all folks.

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