Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thank god school is over

I have 1 more self portrait and a little write up left and then I am finished with school until fall. THANK GOD. I was starting to get so burnt out from school, so much that I have taken a hiatus on poster making and the like so that I can focus on my own projects.

But, still have projects going on- A DVD for SLC band, The Gorgeous Hussies. A new shirt design for A Seasonal Disguise for a mini weekend tour to Portland, Seattle, and Kennewick. A Package design for ASD's newest self titled album that is going out with the Rotating Tongues 2 Promo.

I scored an old photo album book (no photos) but the paper inside of it is this old weathered stuff I love to paint on. Like, 50 pages of it! Can't wait to use it.

This was my last sketch illustration for The Arbiter. It's to go along with the article about Boise State's giant event, Spring Fling. I saw Everclear and Reel Big Fish. lmao. I felt like I was in JR High again, surrounded by shirtless jocks and tie die tees

this was my final illustration for school. illustrated the made up word "cribbet".


  1. I thought of copying and pasting the first paragraph to my own blog. Fun illustrations btw! I like the direction you took with the "cribbet" assignment. HOW DOES Bill come up with words like that? I love the super saturated pinks that you use.

  2. I have no idea how Bill comes up with these words, but some of them made me laugh like a four year old.