Friday, May 22, 2009

Okay kids, time to get serious

pssst. Yeah, you. You right there, reading my blog--even just glancing at it. LEAVE ME A COMMENT. Sheesh. I get no feedback on this thing and I have people in the streets tell me all the time that they lurk my blog... ALSO I installed a visitor counter so I would get an estimate of how often this thing is being seen.

Now that my pleading is done, down to business. For my 21st Birthday (which is THIS Sunday, in case you want to send me gifts...) I will be out of town for a week with my family on a cruise headed to SF, Seattle, and Victoria. I will be sketching SO SO SO much. INSANE AMOUNTS OF DRAWING. I will just be drunk and drawing fat cruise people like ladies with bad tans and sunburns and douchebags with bleach-tipped-spiky-gelled-hair. Are you excited for what might come out of this? I am!

*edit* did you really think I was going to have a post on here with no image? This one isn't made by me, but enjoy


another PS. Here are some photos from a show at Tender Loving Empire for the month of May "WISH YOU WERE HERE"

can you see mine?

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  1. Julia is the most talented young artist in Boise, and the most incredible thing about her is that she has a LONG way to go. I have no doubt that she has the work ethic to reach whatever goals she sets up for herself. As it is now, she leads the pack.