Monday, June 1, 2009

Sketches from my week on vacation

Sadly, I wish I could have drawn more, but that doesn't mean I didn't get a lot done! I slept a lot on this trip. Drank some, but not a whole lot...well, except for 1 day of the cruise. We stopped in AMAZINGLY beautiful Victoria, BC and did a pub crawl. We made it to 6 or 7 then needed to stop. I tried to go to dinner than night (there is a dinner on the cruise that you dress nicely to and get served fancy 3 course meal.) I had to leave before dessert because I was too tired and still drunk. As you will see, I did not draw much for Victoria... other than 2 glasses of beer and some quick sketches of their visitors that greeted people coming off the ship dressed in old 1900s clothing. I bought a really expensive plush Sasquatch named Quatchi. You can learn more about him here.

it was hard drawing people without them moving too much or noticing you... this is why so many people are looking down or have their eyes closed. I got held up in at the John Wayne airport for 13 hours because Delta sucks. I don't even want to explain it here but there is a sketch of a pilot that I did to make me feel better. I ended up traveling for over 24 hours just to get from LA to Boise. I could have driven there faster.

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  1. great stuff :D Look forward to seeing some of these maybe appear in your work later on!