Saturday, December 18, 2010

College Graduate

Well, it is official. I graduated yesterday from Boise State with a BFA in Illustration. So, now I am officially not a student and now I need to start working even more on my craft and looking up illustration jobs.

Graduation was pretty rad because I got to graduate with old friends and new friends. Lots of great artists that once they get websites and blogs I will share them with you all.

The graduation ceremony ended with a clarinet solo and lots and lots of confetti. I felt like I was at a Flaming Lips concert, or maybe even a Polyphonic Spree concert.I have noticed that this holiday season feels different. Folks aren't being as friendly anymore and no one has put lights on their house. I have had some of the rudest customers ever in all of my 4 years at my work in the past 2 weeks. However, I found that if I draw them and make fun of them in illustration I feel a million times better. Just draw it out, man.

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